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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any sort of time restrictions on setting up or how long my ceremony and reception can be?​

No! The wonderful thing about our venue is you that you have that freedom to choose how your day is laid out. We just ask that your reception come to an end by 11pm.

What will we need to rent?

The main items will be a tent, tables, chairs and a generator. From there you can look at your options of renting (or purchasing) your linens, tableware, centerpieces, dance floor, etc. We have large bulb bistro lighting available to use for your tent!

Will we need to set that all up ourselves?

Your rental company will come out 1-2 days before your wedding day and set up your tent (and dance floor if you got one). They drop off your tables, chairs, generator and any other items you rented underneath the tent and when you arrive on Friday you (and friends/family!) can set up everything as you desire. We recommend setting up light or fragile items the morning of your wedding. If you would prefer to be more hands off, a wedding planner and/or coordinator would be a great investment!

Do you provide alcohol or food?

Nope, you get to choose your own licensed vendors! Our neighboring cites have an incredible selection of vendors.

Do we have to clean everything up at the end of the night?

You just had one of the best days of your life, the last thing you want to do is rush to clean up and get out! That's why we only ask that your food, drinks and trash (anything that might attract wildlife or blow away) get packed up or thrown away in our bear proof dumpster before tucking in for the night.

Will a generator be enough power? Aren't they loud?

We highly recommend renting a whisper generator (inverter), it is much quieter than a standard generator. We have found that one generator has enough power for the tent lights, bathroom lights and DJ setup. If you have any special electrical needs check with your rental company to find the appropriate size generator or if you need two.

Do we need to purchase liability insurance?

Yes, we do require the purchase of event insurance with host liquor liability included.

Can we have our dog be apart of our ceremony?

Yes, we love dogs! As you consider bringing your dog along for the weekend, please keep these few things in mind. The mountains can be an unsafe place for pets and we want your dog to be safe as well as the wildlife and our cattle, so we do require your dog to be on a leash at all times when outside. There are no dogs allowed in the lodge or cabin or on any of the decks of these homes. The cottage will be a great place for your dog while they are not with you at the wedding location. Please state when booking if you intend on bringing a dog so that we may provide you with a full list of rules and fees.

Can we have our rehearsal dinner on the ranch?

The option is available, please ask for more info.

Is there a bridal suite?

The lodge is a wonderful location for the bridal party to get ready! You can either gather around the large dinning table to get ready while enjoying brunch and mimosas or tuck away in the spacious master bedroom that features an attached bathroom with a make-up counter and 3 mirrors.

Is there an area for the groomsmen to get ready ?

The cabin is often used for groomsman to get ready and hang out prior to the ceremony. It is located near one of the lakes which is perfect if the wedding party would like to enjoy a morning of fishing and relaxation!

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